Ciara Bracelet
Ciara Bracelet
Ciara Bracelet
Ciara Bracelet

Ciara Bracelet

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Ash + Aspen in collaboration with Ciorcal Designs

-Handmade and designed in Sioux Falls, SD

-Size 7 - slight stretch in band

-Olivewood, black lava rock, and matte black onyx

Lava Rock

Gemstone Properties: Great healing powers | Help to be well balanced | Help to overcome difficulties | Luck at work | Luck at love

Lava is associated with the root chakra, like roots, come from deep in the ground. The earthly qualities of lava make it a stone of grounding, focus and balance. Its fiery energy is associated with passion, assertiveness and energy. It is said to be a “stress-absorber.” The porous quality makes it popular to use as a diffuser in aromatherapy.


Gemstone Properties: Stay the course | Helps you focus on goals | Persistence | Vitality | Discipline | Willpower

Onyx is the stone of inner strength. It is thought to increase one’s attention to detail, also to control, focus and direct the will and to boost the memory. Traditional use is to build up physical strength and vitality after illness or energy depleting activities. It assists to focus on physical goals such as weight loss and exercise. Helps calm nerves, anxiety and hot tempers and is a grounding stone.


Properties: Peace | Goodwill | End of Anger | Peace Between Mankind