Winter Nail Inspo

Winter time is the perfect opportunity for reds, greens, & glitter on your nails. Today we are bringing you some inspo to take on these classic trends without being overly tacky!

Red nails have been a timeless classic for years! They're always a fun way to bring some color into your style and are perfect for Christmas (mental note to self for next year) or Valentines Day. Here are a few ways to make this classic style more modern:

Green nails are defiantly a newer style than the classic reds above, but we LOVE a darker moody green for the winter! Here is some inspo for unique green nails:


Everyone loves a little sparkle this time of year but it's easy to overdo! Keep it simple & modern with these looks:
Lastly, holiday themed nails. Now, I know that it's January but it's not too late to opt for a festive style. Here are some subtle seasonal nails:
As you can tell, we are still in love with the negative space nail trend and think it's here to stay! Hopefully this blog gives you some inspo next time you head to the salon or try to tackle them yourself! 

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  • Mariah Seibel

    I NEEDED THIS! I’ve been trying to decide on what to do with nails for the last few days!!! Thank you ladies :)

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