Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas

Some people’s love languages are words of affirmation; my love language is food. ;) Now that you have your At Home Valentine’s Day date idea, we’ve also got you covered for dessert! There’s definitely something special about homemade desserts because not only are they made with love but you can spend time with loved ones making them! 
Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Image from Pinterest blog post.
First in line, the classic -  Fresh strawberries with chocolate drizzle. We are only one dessert suggestion in and I am drooling. This recipe is so simple and basically fool proof. It can be as simple as chocolate drizzled over the top, however you could step it up a notch and decorate with some sprinkles over top. Check out this fun blog post How to Decorate Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Overall, these are super simple and healthy, yet delicious option (but we all know calories don’t count on Holidays!). These are definitely shareable, but not many make it to presentation if you know what we mean! 
Rice Krispies. Photo from Pinterest blog post.
Second in line, another classic - Rice Krispie treats. This dessert is completely customizable. You can shape them, add sprinkles, dip in chocolate, etc.! Rice krispie treats are quick to prepare, foolproof, and super easy to store. These are also kid friendly so if you have littles, make sure to include them in the fun of making these. Try them with strawberry marshmallows for a festive twist! 
Red Velvet Cheese Cake. Photo from Pinterest blog post.
The next dessert is a combo of two favorites. You’ll need a napkin for the drool when I tell you. Red. Velvet. Cheesecake.  This one is a little more time consuming to make but well worth every bite. Need I say more?
Mocha Brownies. Photo from Pinterest blog post.
Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. This one is one of my personal favorite recipes. Mocha Brownies. Coffee, chocolate, wine? I’m no dietitian but that sounds like a well balanced meal to me. There are also more time consuming to make but if you have the time, I beg you to make these. Don’t skip the Café Latte frosting. 
Anyway, I need a bucket and mop for my drool. Whether you are short on time and looking for a quick V-Day treat or you are a well versed baker, there are options for all! A box of chocolates has nothing on these tasty desserts. Tag us if you make any of these recipes @shopashaspen!
From one sweet tooth to another,
XOXO- Morgan 

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