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#COFFEETALK 12.31.2021

Another coffee talk blog! Covering everything from makeup, upcoming trips, and sharing a few recipe ideas. As always, you can submit coffee talk questions to our email or send us a DM on Facebook and Instagram!

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Clutter Free Christmas Gift Ideas

As we are nearing the holiday season, we being to think about what to get our loved ones. I often have such a hard time thinking of gifts and I really feel the pressure to come up with a unique and fun gift for everyone that won't be come clutter in the next few years. So, this year, I decided to look at gifting from a different view. The thought of adding more layers to our already-cluttered homes just seems to be too much (especially for someone who thrives in a tidy home). I've been looking into ways to give gifts this holiday season without adding to the clutter problem.  These gifts are great for any ages, someone who already...

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