Spring Charcuterie Board

Spring is finally here! Well... kind of. I'm getting a little confused with the 80 degree days and then the 30 degree days back to back but I guess that's just good ole'  MN. Today, I'm showing you this fun seasonal charcuterie board I threw together for Easter! Here's everything I used for it:
-Assorted cracker box, $2.85
-Cheese cubes, $1.55
-Brie cheese, $2.99
-Goat cheese, I got blueberry vanilla (sounds freaky but it's SO good), $3.99
-Hummus mini cups, $2.99
-Baby carrots, $.89
-Cucumber, $.65
-Rainbow pack of fruit (blueberries, raspberries, & blackberries) , $3.99
-Sliced salami, $2.99
-Prosciutto, $2.69
-Starburst jelly beans, $2.45
-Whopper robin eggs, $2.15
-Peeps (our Aldi store didn't have any), $1.00
Things I had on hand:
-Popcorn (I had full intentions of using this and forgot it in the microwave)
-Food coloring to dye eggs
Before I started putting my board together, I had to prep everything. I started with washing the berries & cucumber. I cut up the cucumber & goat cheese, then I dyed my eggs (I boiled them the day before so it would be quicker). I got the tie-dye effect on them by dripping food coloring directly onto them because leaving them in a cup of water was taking too long, but they actually turned out really cool! I threw my popcorn in the microwave (and forgot it in there so I didn't end up using it) & baked my brie cheese. There are so many ways you can bake brie. I chose to put a drizzle of olive oil on mine and then added honey later. The last thing I prepped was my salami roses. I saw this trick on tiktok and couldn't believe how easy it was! Just layer the salami around the rim of the glass and then set it upside down on my platter & voila! It added such a fun seasonal touch to this board. 
To put the board together, I try to start with the biggest things down to the smallest things. Start with your meats, big cheeses, mini bowls (I used one for hummus & one for candy). Then I arrange my crackers, fruits, & veggies. And lastly, the small things can go on. I used jelly beans as a filler! I like to try and get my whole platter filled in. Another fun element to add is flowers or greenery. I used some artificial flowers that I already had on hand, but anything fresh would really add some great spring color to a charcuterie board. 
Here's how my board turned out. Morgan introduced me to these and we are both obsessed! They are a fun, longer lasting grazing snack because you really have to take your time pairing things together. We love trying different combos and playing around with seasonal items. These are perfect for a girls night in or an at home date night. Have you tried to make a charcuterie board before? Drop us a comment and let us know your favorite item to add!

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