S'mores Charcuterie Board

Memorial Day is like the unofficial official kick off to summer. For a lot of families, it means school might be getting out and lake days are ahead. Today, we are showing you how to throw together a quick and easy s’mores snack board because what screams summer more than tasty s’mores?! We wanted to make this board as easy to throw together as possible because we know it’s a busy weekend of travel for many of you. Here’s everything you will need:
-Honey graham crackers, $1.10
-Chocolate graham crackers, $3.18
-Marshmallows, $1.52
-Sugar cookies (From the bakery), $4.98
-Reses, $.82
-Mini Hershey’s, $1.96
-Mini cookies n’ cream Hershey’s, $1.96
-Mini almond Hershey’s, $.82
-Sprinkles, $1.98
-Fudge striped cookies, $2.44
-Rainbow pack of fruit (blueberries, raspberries, & blackberries), $3.99
What we had on hand:
Making this board was a breeze! All we did for prep work was washed our fruit, put that & the marshmallows into bowls and we were ready to go. We started by laying the two different kinds of graham crackers around the perimeter of the board. Then, we put the marshmallows & fruit into bowls and set those on the board. Next, we put the fudge striped cookies & sugar cookies around the bowl of marshmallows. If you haven’t tried making s'mores with fudge striped cookies in place of chocolate & graham crackers, you have to!!! It’s our favorite way of making them! Finally, we put the mini chocolates on the board and put sprinkles in all of the open spaces for an extra patriotic touch! 
We love how little prep work this board is. Everything cost us just under $25 so it's not anything crazy expensive but, depending on how many people you are planning on having at your gathering, you may need more or less things for your board. It would be a breeze to grab all of these goodies before you head to your cabin or camper for the weekend and throw it together once you’re there. Another fun thing to add would be some frosting for the people who don’t care to eat s’mores. Then, this can be used for more of a grazing board and you can customize your sugar cookies, put it on graham crackers with toppings and find a new favorite combo. It would be perfect for kids and adults alike & a fun snack to bring out after dinner.
We hope everyone has a fun & safe Memorial Day! Drop a comment and let us know if you’ve tried out the fudge striped cookie trick!

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