Pop-up Behind the Scenes

 Pop-Up's! Our favorite weekend events! While they are a lot of work, they are so much fun and best of all, we get to interact with our customers face to face! Pop-ups are the best way to get the word out there and its extremely helpful to touch, feel and try on before you buy. We break down the process of booking, prep, and execution of our pop-ups for some behind the scenes action!
First things first - we have to have a pop-up venue! We typically start by researching any events or reaching out to local businesses to see if they would host us. Once we have a date, time and location set, its time to get shopping!
When we look for new arrivals to bring to pop-ups, we often look at our current inventory to see where we have gaps, what we need more of, or what new and exciting things we can offer! When selecting items for a pop-up we always make sure they will get here within the estimated time frame. Seems silly to add, but some items are pre-order, or some suppliers take longer to fulfill orders so we filter down as much as we can before searching so we don't get our heart set on a really cute shacket and then notice that we didn't make the pre-order rounds and was sold out. True story. LOL. Once we order the items, the waiting game begins for our new beauties to arrive!
Once we receive the items, they are carefully unpackaged and looked over to ensure quality. After approval, we steam and tag and take some pictures in it to both tease our customers and show how you can style it, and to compare how each item fits compared to our usual sizing.  From there, it is uploaded to the website for its awaited release day! 
Next, we prepare for our pop-up! We pack up our entire office and begin packing our cars. We group a handful of items together and wrap them in unused black garbage bags so that the items will arrive to the pop-up destination clean and safe. We have a specific method to our madness packing the cars, the stuff fits like a puzzle and must go in that way to get it all in one car. Usually, we can get it all packed into one vehicle, but for bigger events we pack them into two!
Once we arrive, we start unloading and begin our set up! It's so fun to see things go from packed away nicely to on display. Amber tackles the check out table and with the accessory displays and Morgan tackles the clothing racks, making sure colorways look nice together and everything is in the correct size run. Then, we are open for business!
Next - the part you've all been waiting for! The Pop-up! We have so much fun meeting new friends both at new locations and previous locations. It's the perfect way to meet new customers and get the word out about our online business!
After the pop-up is finished, we take down the same way we set up! Amber at the check out table and Morgan on the racks. We haul everything back to the car and get started loading it back into the puzzle it arrived in.  We head back to the office and unpack like nothing ever happened - with a lighter load of course. 
We hope you enjoyed this BTS! What part were you most interested in hearing about? Let us know in the comments! 
Amber & Morgan 


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  • Tracy Morrill

    You two ROCK!! So proud of you both!! Good luck and Happy Birthday Ash & Aspen!!

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