Clutter Free Christmas Gift Ideas

As we are nearing the holiday season, we being to think about what to get our loved ones. I often have such a hard time thinking of gifts and I really feel the pressure to come up with a unique and fun gift for everyone that won't be come clutter in the next few years. So, this year, I decided to look at gifting from a different view. The thought of adding more layers to our already-cluttered homes just seems to be too much (especially for someone who thrives in a tidy home). I've been looking into ways to give gifts this holiday season without adding to the clutter problem. 
These gifts are great for any ages, someone who already has everything or simply has too much stuff already (but we won't tell them that)!  They're also great for people who 'don't want anything', in life transitions, or just simply enjoying the benefits of living with less. Buying intentional, thoughtful, clutter free gifts lets you express love for those you care about without adding clutter to their homes. 
What is a clutter free gift? A clutter free gift are gifts that won't take up any space in someone's home, like experiences, actives, or consumables, not adding any permanent clutter. 
Here's some shocking statistics about gifts:
  • The average American will spend $1,250 this holiday season on gifts, travel, and entertainment.
  • Over half of us will receive unwanted gifts this year, worth over $16 BILLION!
  • 18% of gifts are never used by the person who receives them
  • 4% of gifts are immediately thrown into our landfills 
  • Our homes are already overcrowded. The average American home already has 300,000 items inside it

Clutter free gifts can easily be broken down into a few different categories.


I won't bore you with hundreds of ideas as these can go on forever. Here are just a few of each!

Starting with Experiences:

- Bowling Tickets
-Carriage Ride
-Comedy Club
-Community Theater
-Concert Tickets
-Dinner Gift Card
-Escape Room
-Salon Gift card (facial, mani/pedi, massage)
-Family Vacation
-Mini Golf
-Movie Tickets
-Round of Golf
-Shooting Range
-Ski Lift
-Sporting Events
-Water Park


-Amazon Prime
-Art Museum
-Audible Books
-Community Pool Passes
-Dollar Shave Club/Billie Razor
-Hello Fresh
-National Parks/State Parks
-Science Museum


-Car Wash
-Date Night Out (gift cards/experiences)
-Gas Card
-House Cleaner
-Oil Change (I mean who wants to pay for those!)
-Personal Chef
-Pet Sitting
-Professional Organizer
-Yard Services
-Snow Removal
-Sunday Brunch


-Cake Decorating
-Foreign Language Learning
-Home Brewing
-Karate/ Ju Jitsu 
-Scuba Diving (would be a fun one for an upcoming vacation, too!)


-Baked Goods
-Meat/Cheeses from local creameries/markets
-Local Foods
-Coffee Gift card
-Coffee Beans
-Olive Oil
-Homemade Spice Mixes
-Baked Goods Mix in a Jar
-Freezer Meals

 What I really love is that these gifts range from $-$$$, you can still control how much you spend and keep your budget at the forefront of your mind! I also really love that some of these can still be homemade. You can also combine a few if you feel something isnt enough. For example: a self care kit with a gift card for a mani/pedi, you could throw in some facemasks or a bath bomb or two!  I also really love that most of these gifts can be found locally through small businesses.

If you looking for one other idea, please consider giving to charity or to a family or shelter in need.

I hope you found these very helpful for gifting this holiday season. Always remember, it's not the gift that matters. It is the thought and the time spent with others that matter to us.
Gifts don't last - love & memories do! 


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