Morgan's Crosby, MN Trip Recap

Welcome 2022!
That's still weird to say. Some days it feels like 2018 was last year. 😨  I hope you all had a super fun NYE! Mine was more than perfect.
My friends, Annee, Rylee and I have made it a fun tradition to go on a little cabin retreat each year. Last year we went to the Atlas A-Frame (blog linked here) a little after New Years. Since then, we wanted to make it a tradition. As an adult, it's hard to get the band back together with everyone's busy + conflicting schedules so we make it our priority to get together! It is so fun to get everyone under one roof! 
This year started out on a different note.....
We just pulled into Crosby and my boyfriend Rex wanted to find a park or lake where our dog, Curt, could blow some steam before we got to the AirBnB. We stopped by Serpent Lake and... time paused for a few minutes.
No, no date set. 😉
Amid all the excitement, we arrived at the AirBnB to meet up with our friends to spread the wonderful news, which they were in on from the beginning.  We laughed and cried and shared the great news with some of our closest family and friends.  After that, Annee volunteered for dinner that night and she made Sloppy Joe's (is this a midwestern thing?) and we got ready and headed to the brewery for some live music and drinks.
Jordan, Annee's husband, and Rex stayed back to be with Curt because we forgot his kennel. ☹ We came back after two drinks and stayed up to watch the clock turn from 11:59PM -> 12:00AM. We were in bed by 12:05AM. LOL
The next morning, Rylee made her famous breakfast sliders that we make every occasion we are together. Recipe linked here. DROOL. I am excited for them every time! After breakfast and coffee, the boys went out ice fishing in -12°F... that was the HIGH for the day. Yikes. The gals stayed back and we played card games, chatted and caught up on life, and had a few drinks throughout the day. You know those friends that you don't see often but pick up right where you left off? That's our friendship for sure. We had the best time! Curt got a sweet nap in that he dearly missed on Friday. If he was a human toddler, there definitely would have been melt downs. 😆
When the guys got home, I made some white chicken chili to warm us all up! Here is the recipe I followed. After dinner we played some games like Open Wide Grandma  (R Rated) and some card games like Ride the Bus and Garbage. The simplest times are the best!
The next morning, checked out at 11AM and started our trek home. We were all exhausted and overjoyed and filled with love. I couldn't have asked for a better NYE weekend with some besties and the new proposal was dreamer than I could have imagined. 
Let us know how you spent your NYE! 
Mrs. Lund (to be!)

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