Meet A+A

We have always teased and dreamt of owning a boutique to share our love and passion for fashion for a few years, but it was always the "I'm not sure where to start" or the "It's not a great time for me". 

Everything changed this August, when Morgan decided to quit her job in design and move back to Alexandria to be with her boyfriend, Rex. They got an English bulldog puppy, Curtis Cobain (the SWEETEST boy). So, while she is job hunting at the moment she gets to be a stay at home dog mom and work to develop this business with me! This was always a “joking” dream of ours so once the timing was right, everything just fell into place. I am currently working as a receptionist but knew that I needed an outlet to be creative. This has personally been a dream of mine since joining the fashion program in college & graduating in 2019. 


We did our first launch in November of 2020, so we still feel very fresh at this. It was a goal of ours to do this completely on our own and build our way up. We purchased our first round of inventory and starting equipment with our own money so it is a small startup. Our goal is to grow from Morgan’s guest bedroom closet to an at home office that will be in my new home (Shout out to my husband, Andy, for making this happen!). Once we outgrow that, we will get an office space and continue our online store until we feel ready to open a brick & mortar store and join our local downtown community. 

We have a lot of goals that we are working towards and big ideas that we can’t wait to make happen. There are going to be a lot of baby steps along the way, but we can’t wait to look back on this time and see how far we have come. One of our goals of 2021 is introducing this blog to all of you!

We want this blog to be an extension of our brand and make it more of a lifestyle blog. We want to cover fashion (obvi), food, travel, and everything in between! Once a month we are going to share a “coffee talk” blog post where you can ask us questions, make suggestions, & hopefully get to know us further! 

We just want to say thank you for the support so far & we can’t wait to see where this goes!   

                                          Xoxo- Amber & Morgan 

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