JOY Charcuterie Board

Another Holiday, Another Charcuterie Board. I mean, did you think we were going to gloss over this? We look forward to charcuterie boards and have made it such a fun occasion to make them together! On Wednesday, we had our model, Ally, come over and model some new arrivals. While Amber and Ally were shooting, I got the board ready. And by board, I mean letters. LOL!
For this holiday charcuterie board, we decided to go a different route! I saw a fun TikTok where they bought cardboard letters and cut out the top and carved out the middles, and used them as their 'board'. What a genius idea. this also works for just about any event or holiday.. Amber & our friends actually did a 'M' charcuterie board for my birthday! If it were a baby shower, you could do BABY, or if you knew the gender, GIRL or BOY. You could also do MRS for a bachelorette party or bridal shower! What I really enjoy about this is you can control how big it is by the word you use! 
For a christmas board, depending on the size of your crowd, you could do JOY, NOEL, HOHOHO, CAROL, really anything. Since it was Ally, Amber, and I, we really didn't need a huge charcuterie board, so we chose JOY! We got the letters from our local Joann Fabric. There was a sale going on so I got all the letters for under $9. I did see them at our local Walmart as well. I think the letters at Walmart were a little smaller, around 8". The letters from Joann Fabric were 12". As mentioned above, just rip off the top layer and hollow out the inside. From there, you are good to start constructing!
As always, we just fill in as it makes sense! Let your creativity flow and bring life to your letters!
We use some of our local Aldi meats, cheeses and crackers, and my second cousin, Jodi, made us the most delicious jalapeno jam!  We fill in the open spaces with fruit & seasonal candy.
While we are eating, we like to come up with the best combos and share it with others. A favorite from that night was honey goat cheese on a cracker with some jalapeno jam for that sweet heat! 

 All in all, this board is super easy and looks great at any event! 

Tag us in your creations!


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