Galentine's Charcuterie Board

Is there any occasions where a charcuterie board isn't appropriate? If there is though, we don't want to know because we are having too much fun with these! Anyone else absolutely love pinks + reds together? I can't get enough of the bold colors this V-Day. 
Charcuterie board
For this Charcuterie Board, we started our shopping at Trader Joes! I was in the twin cities last weekend for a dear friends engagement party so I stopped at the beloved TJ's on my way home. It was a complete zoo. A complete sensory overload. So I skimmed my trusty goodie isles and promptly made my way out. I snagged a few items at Walmart the other day and grabbed the remaining ingredients from Aldi the night of the board assembly!
Items from Aldi:
-Honey Goat Cheese
-Garlic + Herb Goat Cheese
-Assorted Crackers
-Hot Salami Pepperoni Stick
-Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
-Jalapeno Havarti
-Rolled Meat Trio
-Heart Shaped Jelly Cookies
Items from Walmart:
-Puff Corn
-White Chocolate
Items from Trader Joe's:
-Raspberry Mouse Cakes 
-Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (that were eaten so fast they didn't make it to the official board) 
Charcuterie boards are always great. But, this time around there were 2 new stars of the show. Our friend Bailee brought some 'crack corn' to our last little get together and wowza, it's nothing short of its name. I made festive crack corn for this board. It's Puff Corn and white chocolate drizzled over the top (Bailee uses almond bark) and sprinkles of your choice. I melted my chocolate with coconut oil so it had a slight coconut flavor, so good! Use a cookie sheet to lay a thin layer of the puff corn and drizzle melted white chocolate when satisfied. Top with sprinkles and you are done!  I used the rest of the chocolate to cover some strawberries. 

I also made this super yummy jam! Strawberry Basil Jam. This is the recipe I used. I halved it and put it in jars that I had on hand! This was the best jam I have ever had and it is so good it takes your breath away.
To construct the board, I started by adding the bigger things first and just filling in the gaps with chocolates and flowers! It's super easy and fun to let your creativity flow!
We shared this charcuterie board with our best galantine's! We have been meaning to get together since Christmas but it's been so busy between holidays, work, and Hudson's arrival that we haven't gotten to exchange Christmas gifts. It's so fun to find the best combinations on a cracker and share it with the others to try! Last night's killer combo was a cracker with honey goat cheese + the strawberry basil jam. So simple but DELISH! 
If there's one thing I want you to take away from this board, it would be the jam. Who are you sharing this Jam with?? Share this post with your Galentine's! 

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