Father's Day Gift Guide

Growing up, it was easy to think of a Father’s Day gift. I mean, you were likely around him pretty often so you knew what he would enjoy or things he needed! These days, it’s harder to think of what your dad would like. We’ve got a few ideas for you! 
While everyone loves giving gifts, there’s no memories money could buy! There was an article from News19 that took some suggestions for Father’s Day Gifts from Reddit. This line really stood out to us.
“My dad and I would make a point of just hanging out together on Father’s day and do stuff,” the user wrote. “We did train rides, boat rides, plane rides. Sometimes just driving around and having dinner. The point was just to enjoy each other’s time … I don’t remember any physical gifts I gave him. But those memories of spending the day and doing awesome stuff I will keep with me forever.”
If your dad would prefer to relax, you could make some great snacks and watch sports or rent his favorite movie! If your dad is more outdoorsy, Some great outdoor activities are camping, fishing, hiking, and….. Dare I say it… YARD WORK. I know yard work doesn’t sound exciting but an extra set of hand or two makes it go SO much quicker! Remember this day is about your father, and I bet you can guess how many times your dad didn't want to do something of yours. 
While we all love a day dedicated to our Fathers/Father Figures in our life, sometimes it doesn’t always work out to see them on that day. Here’s a few gift ideas that you could send their way!
If your father is fashionable, I already know he would look great in a handmade bracelet from Ciorcal Designs (pronounced chair-call designs). They have lots of fun jewelry to choose from and they are a SD locally owned business and have a great meaning behind their product! 
Say your dad isn’t the jewelry type.. This shop on Etsy has custom goods. Whether you get him a custom wallet, travel toiletries bag, or mug, he will think of you every time he uses it! 
Another idea is a monthly subscription box. Nowadays, it's relatively easy to find something for anyone because there are so many options out there. Here’s one for monthly fishing supplies, beer, coffee, and one for socks. Another good one would be Stitch Fix or Book of the Month Club. Like I said, there are so many options out there all you need to do is a little research! 
Whether your gift is time spent together or a great personalized gift, your dad will appreciate anything you put thought into! Hopefully these ideas give you a little inspo either way.

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