Dressing for Transitioning Seasons

Summer is on its way out and we can’t lie, we’re starting to get a little giddy for fall. The cooler morning temps lately are making our dreams of pumpkin spice, fall candles, and changing leaves feel a little closer. The change from summer to fall doesn’t happen overnight so we want to give a few styling tips on how to dress during this limbo in between seasons! This is the perfect time to pull some fall pieces you’ve been excited to break out and give a little refresh to those summer things we have been styling for the last 3 months.

6 Ways to Style Your Current Summer & Fall Wardrobes:

1. Summer dresses with sweaters layered over

This is something I have been doing all summer with T-shirts to make my dresses more work appropriate. A simple front knot will give you some shape to your outfit. If you are trying to style a chunkier sweater that you can’t tie, throw on a belt and tuck it into that to hold it in place. Here and here is some inspo. 

2. Layer with cardigans and jackets

These are an easy way to bring warmth to outfits with shorts or skirts. They are super simple layering pieces and can be taken on and off throughout the day as needed which is a huge plus, especially with the in between temps! Here and here are ways to style this look.

3. Incorporate booties & mules

These two shoes, in my opinion, are fall staples! It’s the perfect time of year to wear mules because your feet aren’t hot and sweaty but you also won’t get any snow in them either. Super easy to slip on and both look cutttee with any outfit. 

4. Pack away bright colors

Bright colors scream summer, which we love (well when it’s summer anyway..) When transitioning to fall, it’s best to pack these colored items away for next year for more coherent styling. 

5. Style denim 

Maybe you have been doing this all summer long, but let’s look at it with fresh eyes! Dark wash denim, a summer tank, cardi, mules, and wide brim hat are the perfect mix for a fall outfit. Play around and dress them up for work or dress them down for errands. Get nice and comfy because these babies will be around through the dreaded even colder weather!

6. Layer under dresses or summer tanks

This is such a fun way to layer and kind of a different take on it. My favorite way to do this is to pair a black long sleeve turtleneck under a graphic tee to be casual or even under a satin dress to bring that piece into the next season. Here and here are examples of how to style. 


6 Ways to Accessorize for Fall:

1. Hats

Hats are such a great accessory because anyone can find a style they can pull off. A few of my personal fall favorites are wide brim hats or a fiddler caps! Checkout our Mercy Hat, a trendy wide brim that comes in black or tan.

2. Darker lip colors

Bring fall into your makeup with a burgundy lip if makeup is your thing. I can’t pull off lipstick but I always love seeing other people do it!

3. Leather bags

It’s time to ditch our beachy braided purses and trade them in for something more structured. Any leather (or faux leather) bag will be sure to add a touch of chic to your new fall look!

4. Scarves

This is for the cooler days, but a great way to add one more layer to keep cozy. With so many patterns to choose from, your options are wide open. My favorites are chunky knit scarves. 

If it's not quite into that cooler weather just yet, a silk scarf could be a fun addition to an outfit. Checkout ours here! They can be tied around your neck, in your hair, belt loop, or even around the strap on your purse. 

5. Nails

Play with fall colors in your nail art. Something out of the box like dark greens or browns could be a fun switch from the bright colors you have been rocking all summer long. Here, here, here, and here are some fun ideas with muted colors.

6. Hair accessories

Think puffy headbands and velvet scrunchies! The perfect way to keep your hair out of your face while adding an extra element to your outfit. Our personal favorite place to buy any hair accessories is another small business, Two Lions. They have unique, quality products and you can check out their Instagram here! Here is some styling inspo for this accessory: Headband look, And another, and a scrunchie style!


6 Staple Items to Consider Adding to Your Wardrobe:

1. Black tights

The BEST way to style shorter skirts and dresses is to throw on tights and booties. It keeps you warm and is so, so cute! Here and here are two ways to style. 

2. Denim jacket

I’m pretty sure everyone has one by now but these go with practically every outfit! If you do have one already, you can always go for another that is cropped, a different wash, black or white, the options are endless. 

3. Leather leggings

Morgan and I both bought a pair last year from Target for $20 and they have been a staple for us both ever since! They are a fun way to dress up a look that you would’ve otherwise worn regular leggings for. 

4. Chunky knit cardigan

The epitome of warmth and comfort, do I really need to say more?

5. Overcoat

These longer overcoats are easy to throw on for the cooler mornings we are starting to transition to and will keep you warm throughout the rest of the season and the next transition into the colder one. 

6. Blazer 

This needs to be a staple for everyone so they can feel like a boss babe! Here, here, and here are inspo pics and if they don’t convince you to buy one I’m not sure what will. 

I can’t contain my excitement for fall anymore!! I’m sure I’m not alone and if I am.. just give it some time and you will probably be right there with me. I tried to give some ideas on how to use things you may already have in your closet as well as provide tips on new pieces you could incorporate. Hopefully this gives you plenty of inspo for the seasonal shift. Happy styling!

Xoxo, Amber

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