1. Loafers or mules?

M: Mules for sure!
A: Mules all the way!

2. Favorite drink to order while out?

M: I am all over the board with this one. I believe each place has their 'specialty drink', so for example at DJ"s Tap House I will get their famous Huckleberry Mule, at Pike n Pint I will get Carlos Creek Winery's Hot Dish Red (also from last blog post). However, unless I am at a brewery, I typically don't get beer! If I'm at a random bar, a white claw or truly would be my go-to!
A: Depending on what I'm eating, I usually would go for a beer with green olives or I like trying different mixed drinks at restaurants. For now, I'm just sticking with Diet Coke ;)

3. What do you guys use to edit your pictures?

We use Lightroom! There are tooooons of presets you can buy which we have tried but we actually got the best results from looking up a DIY preset on Pinterest. We found this easier to adjust depending on the setting/lighting in our photos and it's easy to copy and paste from photo to photo. 

4. How do you decide on where and when you do popups?

We try to partner with other small businesses in the area or reach out if we see they will be holding an event. This always helps draw in more people and get the word out. We find that other small businesses are usually eager to help us out by hosting because they remember the days when either they were as small of a company as us or remember a time where another business helped them gain exposure.

As far as when we decide to do popups, it's basically whenever we have free time to! They are SO beneficial for us and we have set a goal to do one per month. We both have other fulltime jobs that keep us busy but we are working hard to make our dream of doing this fulltime a reality.

5. What is the next dog you plan on getting?

M: We haven't talked about getting another dog quite yet - mostly because our apartment only allows one pet. We really like Rottweilers, Great Danes, or bull terriers!
A: I want a Bernese Mountain Dog so bad! I don't see it happening for our next dog, however. With a baby on the way and the thought of traveling with two huge dogs on top of that, we decided a smaller breed would be best next. Hopefully one day though!

6. What beauty product has been your biggest splurge?

M: Aside from my Olaplex that I have raved about previously, my favorite 'high end' chapstick is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  is my JAM. I wear it all the time! 
A: It's not really a product I guess, but I would say getting microneedling with PRP. It was about $500 I think, so definitely an investment.  

7. What's the last picture in your camera roll?

M: A photo of Curt & I laying in bed last night. Having a boyfriend that works on the road is tough so we try to send photos when we can to make Rex feel more included while he's away at work!
A: Mine is some nursery décor ideas that Morgan sent my way!

8. Morgan - Did you like the  Bondi Sands Self Tanning Lotion?

Yes, honestly it is amazing. Compared to all the other brands I have tried, this one takes the cake by a landslide. The formula smells like coco butter, doesn't stink, absorbs well, buildable color! Definitely will be reordering this. 

9. Can you get every shirt that you buy s-l in curvature sizes? 

Not every brand we carry offers a full size run in each product and truly, there are very few that consistently do full size runs. We have recently found a few more vendors that offer that.. you'll see coming up! ;) We try very hard to do our best to include full size runs in items!

10. How do you choose items to buy for your boutique? 

At this time, we are finding all of our items online with wholesale vendors. We will eventually make it to market, but for now we are doing all of our sourcing online. When deciding on a item, we look at the vendor reviews, product reviews if there are any, and make sure the other local boutiques don't carry that product! 

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