#COFFEETALK 12.31.2021

1. What's your favorite part of the holiday season?

A: I love getting together with family! My family & Andy's family usually play games of some sort and just hangout together. I also love that everyone is in such a good mood!
M: My favorite part is spending time with loved ones and giving gifts! 

2. Favorite way to spend a snow day?

A: Last time I had a snow day, I baked cookies & cleaned a little! I try to relax as much as possible with a day off and watch a Christmas movie or two. 
M: Contrary to most - I would use the day to be productive around the house. I love the feeling of resting after you just deep cleaned the house or when you accomplish something you needed to for a while, like tackling your spare bedroom closet. Just did that last weekend. Relaxing after you get a ton of stuff done just hits different. 

3.What is your best advice to someone in their early twenties trying to get life figured out?

A: Try not to stress out too much over it! I think we all feel like if we don't have our sh*t together by the time we're 25 we're screwed, but in reality we are still young and have time to try new things and make mistakes. It's so easy to compare ourselves to our friends or siblings, but we just have to remember that they are not us and everything will work out like it's supposed to! What's right for one person is not for another and that's okay. I think we all need to give ourselves a little more grace on that one! 
M: Here's a huge secret - literally no one has life figured out! We all take our best guesses daily. Always remember, success is subjective & no two paths are the same. Join the club! 🤍

4. NYE plans this year?

A: Andy and I are going to hangout at home and enjoy one of our last free weekends together before baby is here!
M: Renting a cabin in Crosby again with some friends! I'll do a blog recap when I am back! 

5. If there was a catastrophe in your home, what are the 5 things you would grab on your way out?

A: Andy and I have 2 box of keepsake things in our closet that I'd definitely want to grab, then probably my diaper bag & phone!
M: If I had a moment to grab a few items outside of people/animals, I would grab my purse & phone charger!

6. Favorite liquid lipstick? 

A: I am not a lipstick wearer unless I'm with Morgan and she offers some, so I am not your girl for this one lol!
M: Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick in Be My Baby  this one seems to be my favorite.. Doesn't smudge, stain, great price point, doesn't leave my lips cracked or chapped, and can be livened up with some lipgloss!

7. Do you usually dress up or down for holidays?

A: I'd say cute but comfy! Like leggings and a nice sweater is usually my go to. I think I could talk my family into matching PJ's which I would love haha
M: We don't go all out fancy dresses but we dress in comfy casual clothes! My family isn't one for matching PJ's! 😂

8. What made you start your blog for Ash + Aspen?

We wanted to show ways to style things, share our fav recipes, trips, and so much more. We have a big dream of transforming this into much more than a clothing boutique - but you'll just have to stay tuned as we blossom together!

9. How many people are on your team? Are you hiring?

It is mainly us two, Amber & Morgan, but we have a few models we call on! Right now we are not hiring, but always open to accept resumes for future reference! If you are interesting in modeling for us sometime, shoot us a DM!

10. Do you like surprises? Why or why not?

A: I think the control freak in me would say no but it's always fun to get surprised!
M: I like surprises, but only if have no idea about them. I hate when I can kind of sense a surprise, I think that takes away the fun and surprise anticipating the moment! 

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