#COFFEETALK 01.28.2022

 1. If money was no object, what would you do all day?

A: I would travel! Andy and I had so much fun on our trip last fall going to national parks. We would definitely love to see more! I think a girls trip to Paris with Morgan would be insane fun as well. 
M: I would start my days slow, taking my time waking up! I would relax at my beach house in California, get some house work done (but if money was really no object, I would have housekeepers)! I would have a personal chef to make all my meals, relax by the pool/beach, and really just enjoy the moment. I would frequently go shopping and go on many trips with my besties, too! 

2. What is the most random and best advice you have received? 

A: Everything happens for a reason. I whole heartedly believe that! 
M: I heard in a TikTok one time, "Don't put it down, put it away." in regards to keeping your place tidy so I try to live by that.  If were going for a life quote, Life happens FOR you. Similar idea to Amber's quote, everything happens for a reason but everything that happens to you is to get to you where you need to be!

3. Current Makeup Routine?

A: My everyday makeup is short & sweet. I use L’Oreal true match foundation, NYX eyebrow pencil, Lash Paradise mascara, & Physicians Formula bronzer. Takes me about 5 minutes tops which is perfect for mornings on the go!  
M: I use Colorpop tinted moisturizer, Wet'n'Wild Camo concealer, set my face with Maybelline Fit Me powder,  Pacifica Beauty bronzer and blush combo, Elf tinted brow gel, and L’Oreal Lash Telescopic mascara. This also takes me 5-10 tops as well! 

4. What is your go to fast-food?

A: My go to is probably McDonald’s. I switch up my food order every time but HAVE to get a Diet Coke!
M: Jimmy John's is my absolute favorite. #6 veggie in an unwich, with Diet Coke and jalapeno chips!

5. Do you take any supplements?

A: I am still taking prenatal vitamins per my doctors orders & a medication for my low iron. I also take magnesium after having Hudson because I have heard there are many benefits of taking it after birth. 
M: I used to be very consistent with supplements, however I have been very inconsistent lately. I used to take Vitamin D (just about everyone should! especially if you live in MN. We don't see the sun for like 10 months a year hahah), collagen, & multivitamin! 

6. Current workout routine?

A: Since I just had Hudson a few weeks ago, I haven’t been feeling up to it quite yet. Once I get the okay from my doctor, I will definitely start. 
M: I don't particularly have one at this time. Just trying to stay active with 10K steps a day! Looking into a gym membership but undecided as to where I want to go.

7. Morgan - Can you share some more home decor/design inspo?

Say no more! ☺ More design, coming in the next blog!

8. Any Valentine's Day Plans?

A: We always keep our Vday plans low key! I prefer cooking an extra nice dinner and hanging out at home since restaurants are always extra packed. 
M: No plans as of yet, likely a nice meal at home! 

9. Amber - What has helped you the most with the transition into motherhood?

Support from friends & family honestly have been huge! A lot of the time it feels like I have no clue what I’m doing so it’s nice to have people to turn to. Having a supportive & helpful husband has definitely been a huge help as well! 

10. What is the one nail color you would use the rest of your life?

A: I usually gravitate toward a nude color! Keep it simple and match anything. 
M: This is a toughy - I really love a red nail but I really love a neutral nail. I would choose a red nail for the rest of my life. My go to is A Rev-Vival City!

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