#COFFEETALK 08.27.2021

1. What is one product you think is worth the hype?
A: IS clinical skincare line!
I really love my olaplex! So worth the money and the hype.
2. What is the last book you read?
A: Verity by Colleen Hoover! SO good. I love suspense/thriller novels.
I just finished Weird but Normal. This book covers racial identity, beauty standards, gender roles, etc! It's written in great humor as well as a great perspective. 
3. What are some random amazon products you are loving?
A: I'm loving these maternity leggings, these spice jars, & this book light. 
I recently had a doctor recommend this OTC sleep aid/cortisol manager - game changer. I also just ordered this self tanning lotion. I'll check back next coffee talk and review it.
4. Amber, do you have any car seat or stroller that you are considering? 
 I think we are going to go with a Doona! It's a car seat that transitions to a stroller. It has great reviews and I think it will be helpful for our transition into parenthood. 
5. What’s something that’s considered cheugy, but you still love it anyway?
A: Knock off Golden Goose sneakers! They seem to be everywhere. 
I am going to have to agree with Amber, I really love the Golden Goose Sneakers, Real or Dupe! I scored a pair of GGBD Tenth Stars off of Poshmark and I love them. I want another pair soon! 
6. What fall trend are you most excited for?
A: Definitely excited to get into shackets again!
M: I am ready for sweaters!! I love hiding in a super cozy sweater.
7. Favorite at home coffee drink?
A: I recently tried this iced coffee and it's delicious with a splash of creamer (Or you could do oat milk). Quick & easy!
M: My go-to at home is using my Nespresso Machine! This is the one I have. I've tried tons of pods but these are my favorite! I do the Bianco Leggero (in a double shot) over ice with oatmilk and a splash of sweet cream. 
8. Morgan, any suggestions on how to come up with budget friendly ways to renovate your bathrooms?

This is a great question! This is all really dependent on your style but here's some tips across the board. 1. Update your light fixture! If you're on a super tight budget, you can spray paint the fixture and replace the shades. 2. A fresh coat of paint is always the answer! If its your style, paint the cabinet also! 3. I would stay away from anything "Peel & Stick" in a bathroom, but especially Peel & Stick Tile. Since there is always water in a bathroom, the glue on the peel and stick loosens quicker and in turn, makes it not budget friendly as you will be replacing that soon. A good solution would be a glue down sheet vinyl, or going with a floating interlocking floor. 4. Swapping out hardware on your cabinetry is a budget friendly way to update your space! If you have extra room in your budget, swapping out countertop plumbing fixtures like your faucet and shower plumbing fixtures will help also (you can keep the toilet and the tub/shower)! 

9. What’s something you’ve been using & loving daily?
A: I bought the Dr. Jart+ tiger grass color correcting treatment. It helps with my redness and is perfect under my tinted moisturizer!
M: I got this children's fanny pack from target for my morning walks with my dog! it fits my keys, a few doggy bags, and my phone so I am completely handsfree aside from his leash during the walk! I have also used it for errands recently when I am too lazy for my purse. 
10. How to style leather leggings? Outfit ideas?
Sweater & booties ( We prefer longer sweaters with leather leggings!) or graphic tee, sneakers, & denim jacket would be a great way to dress them down!

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