#COFFEETALK 07.30.2021

What is your favorite quote?

A: "Everything happens for a reason" I truly 100% believe in that, even when something doesn't go the way that I wanted it to. 
M: My personal favorite quote is: "All dressed up and everywhere to go!" Sounds cliché because it's our slogan for Ash + Aspen, but it is so true! I am a super active person, going everywhere, all the time, in my favorite outfits. I never really slow down and I have a 'yes man!' mentality. The quote comes from a birthday card one year from my parents and I've held on to the card ever since. 

What is the best purchase you have made?

A: I recently bought this dog brush (We have a German shepherd and a black lab) and it is amazing!! It's great because both of our dogs are horrible shedders. 
M: My all time random favorite purchase is my Nespresso Machine. I looooooooveeee me an iced coffee with espresso! 

What is the worst purchase you have made?

A: I bought some clothing racks before our very first popup and they got delivered and we put them together and they were only waist high. So short! I am SO bad at looking at measurements when I buy things so it was definitely my fault. 
M: I don't really have a ton of bad purchases, other than one of my previous cars LOL. Turned out to be a complete money pit. In smaller scale, I don't have anything specific that I really regret however I should stop buying senseless things at the thrift store. I always have plans to do something with them but guess who gets lazy or doesn't ever get around to doing them...... ME.

What trends do you think have to go? 

A: I'm not even sure what they're called but its like a turtle neck sweater but it stops right at the top of your chest.. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
M: I'm not super into statement collars.

Any tips on wearing something out of your comfort zone?

A: The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and I'm not talking about being self conscious because it's out of your comfort zone, I mean that it's not itchy, too tight, or anything else that makes it hard to wear all day. Also, this is the beauty of fashion! We don't all have to look exactly alike. Maybe you will end up loving how you feel in it and if not, then at least you tried! It's always fun to have the option to switch up your style for a day.  
M: I know it's really hard to work up the confidence to wear it out but honestly, all it takes is one time to wear something bold or uncomfortable to be able to do it again! Who cares what people think! Truthfully, their probably thinking "WOW! She looks great!" or "Wow, I wish I had the confidence to pull off an outfit like that!" Remember it's all in your head! 

What is a fall trend you are most excited for?

A: I'm excited to style midi ribbed sweater dresses. I think those will be a staple in my fall wardrobe. They will be so cute to style with a baby bump!
M: I'm LOVING the sweater vest look! Especially a hounds tooth sweater vest!

What is one thing you want to do before summer ends?

A: We are try to get together with my husbands fam before our niece and nephews start school again. We have been talking about taking his parents boat down the river in Red Wing!
M: My parents gave Rex and I a day date gift last Christmas. It's an adventure one so we're going ziplining! No date set yet, but I'm super excited!

 Do you guys have any more popups planned? Anything outside of Alexandria?

Yes! We made it our goal to have one a month. Our next one will be in Alexandria next weekend (On August 8th) at Lulie Kids downtown. It is also crazy days in Alexandria that weekend so hoping to see some new faces along with some of the ones we love :) We will announce our other ones once they get closer, but we are always taking suggestions for locations and would love to get a chance to branch outside of Alex!

Easy weeknight meal ideas?

Tortellini soup, Sheet pan dinners are always easy! Here, here, and here are a few ideas.

 What do you like most about living in Alexandria?

A: I like all of the community activities that are offered year round! I think it is a fun way to bring people together. I also like that there are frequent new businesses of all kinds opening here. It keeps things exciting and it's good to live in a growing community. 
M: I love all of the lakes around the area and like Amber said, the community activities! I love supporting all the local businesses here also! Lots of things to do and I have met my best friends ever living here!

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