#COFFEETALK 06.25.2021

Morgan: Can I get a link to the purse in the post with Millie Mini Dress?

M: Yes! Bag linked here. I got the medium size. I love the size and it's the perfect amount for all my necessities without being too big! However, it makes a really horrible noise when it touches hard surfaces (it’s PU) and the magnetic closure won’t close if the purse is too full (which is a great thing in my opinion, otherwise I’d pack that baby full of more stuff)
How do you decide what to choose for each new arrival?
We kind of bounce ideas back and forth with each other until we find something that we both love! We base it off of current trends, the seasons/weather, and try to tailor it to what we think our customers would like best.

I really love the Main Character top! Can you guys get a size small in it?

Unfortunately, many companies don’t make full size runs (XS-3X in the same style and fabric) so we are very limited on what we can get! Trust us, we’d love to get everything in full size runs. We’re working meticulously to find wholesalers that carry full size runs!

What’s your favorite Podcast?

M: I really enjoy some true crime podcasts. My favorite is Crime Junkies. If I prefer something lighter, I enjoy Girls Gotta Eat.
A: I LOVE crime/ghost podcasts. I listen to And That’s Why we Drink and it’s two friends, one tells murder stories and the other tells ghost stories. However, I’m a chicken and can’t listen to that when I’m home alone so I also listen to Two Dudes podcast. It’s an aunt and niece that are the hosts and they cover different topics every time and it’s generally uplifting things or talking about their life experiences so it’s easy listening!

Amber, where are you going for your Honeymoon?

A: Right after our wedding last year, we went up north to Grand Marais for a week which was nice and we are so happy we decided to take time to be with each other after the craziness of our wedding week. Our original plan was to go on a road trip to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, but with COVID we weren’t sure how much we would be able to experience with parts of the parks being closed down. We decided to take that trip over our first anniversary in September this year though so we’re SO excited!

What current makeup products are you loving?

M: I am loving my Colourpop hyaluronic tinted moisturizer! I actually mix it with my everyday facial lotion to make it even more sheer. I’m in the color Light 5N
A: Ooof, I am definitely not a huge makeup person whatsoever. I recently got a sample of IS clinical tinted sunscreen that I liked so much I am going to get a bottle of it! It wasn’t quite enough coverage alone for my skin but I thought it made my makeup feel good on top of it and only needed some concealer and powder to finish it off!

Favorite Apps for editing?

M: On my personal photos, I typically use VSCO or Lightroom! I don’t actually use VSCO but their editing tools make it super easy!
A: We use Lightroom for our feed and I also use it for my personal feed. We have a preset that is so quick and easy to use once you get it figured out.

Have you ordered something in and decided you didn’t like it?

Yes, luckily only one or two times. To be honest, it’s very hard to accurately see what you are buying online. Some wholesalers even do a poor job at describing or having half decent photos. We try our very best to keep our customers at the forefront of our mind to make decisions!

I have to bring a summer side salad to a BBQ! Any suggestions? 

If you’re a watermelon person, here’s a super delicious way to jazz up a regular old watermelon! If you would rather go a pasta route, there's something about a classic Caprese salad!

Biggest misconception about your business?

With selling items sizes small-3x, people may think that with every item we get in we are able to get all of those sizes. Unfortunately, this isn’t true! We are trying to find some reputable brands that will offer this option but find that brands that focus on one size run or the other generally have a wider style selection to best fit that size run.

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