#COFFEETALK 05.28.21

What do you think is your biggest business challenge?

A: I think one thing that we are working really hard on is finding new brands to bring to the area to give us a different mix of inventory than everyone else has here and I also feel like we’re
M: I think the hardest part is gaining traction being an *mostly* online only business. I think once we have a brick & mortar store, we’ll have a place where people can try on & style in person and it will help both us and you! 

What is your favorite accessory?

M: Mine are earrings for sure! I don’t feel feminine without them and they can take an outfit from good to great! 
A: I agree. I wear earrings more than any other accessory and I love making them the statement of my outfit. 

You guys always have a great glow! What self tanner do you use?

A: I am very new to self tanner. I think I first started last year, but I have always used Bali Body. It’s a little more on the pricier side but I don’t tan all year long so it lasts me quite a while.
M: To be honest I don’t love my current self tanner. My all time favorite is the Tanologist Sunless Tanner from Target. I aim for 1-2x a week to keep a consistent glow and I lotion between uses! 

What is your sign?

A: Libra
M: Scorpio baby!!!

What is your ideal Saturday morning?

A: I love Saturday mornings when we get up early and go hiking somewhere! It’s nice to have the trails to yourself with dogs before everyone else gets up.
M: I love sleeping in until like 8-9AM, that way I can get some extra sleep but not waste the day away. I like to get up and have a slow morning and cook some breakfast while sipping coffee & listening to my favorite Pandora station.

What’s your favorite summer fashion trend?

A: I love matching sets! They have been popular since last year but I think they are so cute with all the different styles they come in.
M: I actually am really loving the padded shoulder trend!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

A: I think we will be spending time with our family. My parents will be in the area fishing and then we will go spend some time at Andy’s family’s lake.
M: I have a busy summer ahead with lots of friends getting married so my only plans after the pop-up for the long weekend is to get my sh*t together! LOL

Are you going to be doing more popups? What was your favorite part about the first one you did?

Yes, we are going to do as many pop-up’s as we can! We have one today actually from 12-5 at Ella’s Salon in Alexandria & another upcoming one in June at a golf course here for a women's event.  Our favorite part about the first pop-up a few weeks ago was seeing new & familiar faces and helping people find the perfect outfit, especially with our new accessories!!! The accessories were a hit!

What’s something people don’t know about you?

A: Something people may not know about me is that my maiden name is Fenger (pronounced finger) which gets a looooooot of jokes.
M: My close friends obviously know this, but I am 5’11’. The camera doesn’t always show how tall I actually am, especially when it’s just me in the shot or a taller friend in the shot with me. One of my biggest goals in this boutique is finding pieces (especially bottoms) that are long enough because my tall ladies know the struggle!!

What perfume do you spray on all of your orders? It smells SO good!

This perfume is one of our favorite scents of all time!  So light, clean and refreshing without being too overpowering.


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