#COFFEETALK 03.26.21


If you got to go on a one month long vacation, paid for, where would it be?

M: I think Canada is absolutely beautiful. I would spend the month traveling Canada starting in the Banff national park and working my way east to end in Quebec.

A: Europe! I would love to see the historical cities there and get the chance to take a train from place to place. 

What are your favorite hobbies?

M: I enjoy cooking and baking, cleaning (does that count as a hobby?) walks, card games, and hosting my friends and family! 

A: I love to read when I get the chance, I love to go hiking at new places, & I like cooking and trying new recipes.

Guilty pleasure?

M: chocolate. Or coffee. 

A: Watching documentaries!! I will watch anything from a crime doc to history, and I can’t explain why but I get so intrigued. 

What song always gets you to the dance floor?

M:Good as Hell by Lizzo 

A: Dancing queen by ABBA

One song that reminds you of summer?

M: Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meatloaf

A: Tongue Tied by Grouplove

Favorite part about living in Alexandria?

M: I love spending summer on the lakes with Rex! 

A: I like the downtown community so much. I love when I get the chance to walk through all the different stores. I also love all the lakes here in the summer!

Favorite piece of home decor you own?

M: this is a hard one for me because I have lots of home decor. I think my all time favorite piece is my green cedar bar cabinet from my great grandmas house. 

A: I’m at a weird spot right now because we’re getting ready to move into our new house so we haven’t bought any decor for that house yet but our current house isn’t really decorated how I would fully like either sooo I don’t know if that counts but Hopefully would I can change that answer soon!

What’s your favorite season?

M: I was actually just thinking about this the other day! I really love spring for the fact that everyone LOVES the transition from the cold harsh MN winter to the warmer spring days. Feels so freeing!

A: Fall! I love everything about it- the fashion, temps, leaves changing, Halloween, the lowkey excitement for snow (I get over that fast though lol). It’s just so good. 

Favorite holiday?

M: the 4th of July! 

A: Either the 4th of July (Nothing beats being in Alex for that) or, New Years Eve.

What are you really terrible at?

M: I am absolutely terrible at being on time places. Also golf. 

A: I found out I’m really bad at axe throwing (like painfully bad) and I’m horrible at golf but I would love to try golf lessons.

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