#COFFEETALK 02.26.2021

 Where do you see Ash+Aspen in 5 years?

 We see Ash+Aspen as a beautiful storefront in Alexandria, MN in 5 years! 

How do you take your coffee?

Morgan: I like to switch it up sometimes but my staple is two shots of espresso over ice, two pumps sugar free vanilla, and oat milk!

Amber: I like to mix it up but I usually just get something off the menu and don’t get fancy and mix in different things unless I’m with Morgan, then I’ll take what she gets haha! Usually an iced caramel macchiato is a safe bet for me.

What is one thing you ALWAYS have on you?

Morgan: Lip Balm. Nothing puts me in a worse mood than having chapped dry lips!

Amber: ^Same, that’s almost as bad as forgetting my phone at home for me! I also always have to have gum. 

Where and what did you go to school for?

Morgan: I went to school at Alexandria Technical and Community College for Interior Design! I loved every second of it and I am currently an Interior Designer. 

Amber: I also went to ATCC but I went for business management & fashion management & currently work at a local car dealership. 

Morgan- what is one piece of décor you think every home should have?

I think every home should have window treatments! They are the icing on the cake- they complete the space and make it feel so much more homey.

How did you two become friends?

Rex, Morgan’s boyfriend, and Andy, Amber’s husband, are friends! They lived together in college and we became good friends after seeing each other a few times at their old apartment!

What spring transition pieces do you consider a must have?

Amber: I think shoes are an easy transition piece! I’d say a pair of sneakers (Grey, white, black, something that will match everything) & a pair of mules are great for spring to dress up/down an outfit that you’d usually throw winter booties on with. Also, after getting a pair of cropped wide leg denim, I think they’re going to be just the right length for the spring weather headed our way!

Morgan: I think jackets are a perfect transition piece because they can be added and removed as needed for warmth! They also can add another level of fun to your outfit. 

How would you explain your sense of style?

Morgan: I would describe my sense of style as modern/chic. I love bold pieces and I love feeling like the “statement” of the room. Give me all the colors, textures & patterns!

Amber: I would say I gravitate more towards basics and neutrals unless I get something for a really good deal! I like to invest in pieces that I can have for a long time and if you see me in any bold patterns or colors, I probably bought it on sale. I think that’s why we’re a good mix because our sense of style is almost opposite of each other! 

What shows are you currently watching?

Morgan: I love anything true crime. I am currently into The Confession Tapes and The Staircase.

Amber: Currently watching Crime Scene: The vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (I also love anything crime/ghosts/documentaries) Andy & I are also watching This Is Us. We’re a little behind & just got to the fire episode…..iykyk & we both cried.


Amber- When are you and Andy going to have a baby?

LOL.. just trying to get moved into our house and get situated first. Never say never I guess, but we both agreed we would like to have one more normal summer since we didn’t get it last year. We aren’t really in a big rush I guess…. I’d take another puppy right now though.

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