Charspookery board

We are back this week with another themed charcuterie board! This is a fall themed board with a few touches of Halloween thrown in. This time, I got to pick up a few things at Trader Joe's! Since we don't have one here I LOVE going there! My sister and I stopped when I was in Iowa to visit her. Here's what we used:
-Sliced deli turkey
-Assorted deli meats
-Smoked gouda cheese
-Everything goats milk cheese
-Assorted box of crackers
-Garlic & Herb brie
-Doughnut sticks
-Pumpkin pie hummus
-Pretzel slims
-Halloween gumballs
-Fun napkins
Trader Joe's:
-Chocolate mousse pumpkins
-Unexpected sharp cheddar
-Halloween Joe Joe's cookies
-Peanut butter cups
-Yogurt pretzels
-Milk chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels
This time, our board didn't have much prep work! Morgan made the doughnut sticks into twists and popped them in the air fryer while I cut up all of our cheeses. We put some smaller things like the gumballs, blackberries, and chocolate peanut butter pretzels in small bowls to add some dimension to the board and then filled in from there starting with the meats, then cheeses, and then worked our way to the more desserty things. We added themed napkins for an extra touch- this is obviously not necessary! We devoured this board while we watched the Bachelorette on Tuesday with some friends and it was perfect! These are a fun touch to bring to gatherings since they can so easily be switched up to be seasonal! 
Xoxo- Amber & Morgan 


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  • Jackie

    You girls are so creative! Love it!

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