Baby S. Nursery Details

Not knowing the gender of our baby, I knew getting the nursery was going to be a bit of a challenge for me. I think like a lot of people, when I think “gender neutral”, my mind goes immediately to gray. Not picking gray everything was so hard for me, but luckily I have a friend that knows a thing or two about interior design! As some of you may know, Morgan played a huge role in the layout & design of our new home build so I knew I could get her expertise on our nursery. I told her I needed some help with the design (expecting her to pick out a rug & wallpaper for me) and she gave me four design options to choose from! Because she is currently employed at Wayfair, she compiled the designs with products from that site. 
All of these were SO cute! I didn’t know how I was going to choose just one. I showed all of the options to Andy and told him to pick his favorite. He chose the sole babe design and I’m so happy with it! 
The first nursery pieces we had were a crib, changing table, and dresser set that my parents got us. I think my mom was so excited after we told them that she ordered it like the week after! She chose a gray set which was perfect because I feel like it will wear better than the white option that the set also comes in and the crib is convertible and changes into a toddler bed as well. I decided since our furniture was gray and the walls in the nursery were the same gray we used throughout our home, I wanted a peel & stick wallpaper of some sort to bring some color into the room. We went with an animal themed wallpaper that brought in greens, blues, yellows, & oranges into the space. 
We continued the animal theme throughout the rest of the room with some prints above our changing table & Andy picked out a little rhino stool from Fleet Farm. 
Morgan also found a fabric teepee that I thought would be fun for playtime down the road. I am still looking for a bigger floor pillow to put in there to make it more comfortable!
For our cozy corner, we have a rocking chair that we got from Andy's parents for christmas and a bar cart that I picked up and plan to stock with kleenex, water, some snacks, and other miscellaneous things for myself when I get up at night with Hudson. I haven't stocked it quite yet since he is still in our room with us at night! The light has a dimmable bulb that we can turn on and off with our Alexa which is super convenient. The little toy basket was part of a baby shower gift that was way too cute to get rid of so I repurposed it!
This bin organizer was mine from my college apartment but it is perfect for books and other hidden storage for wipes, toys, etc. 
I was obsessed with the oversized ruler in Morgan's design inspo picture and my Mother-In-Law found this one at a craft store for under $10 and painted it for me!
I still have a few things that I want to add to the space like the floor pillow for the teepee and a few more things to hang on the walls. I think the space is coming together so far and I think it's the perfect little room for Hudson to grow up in!
xoxo, Amber

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    Love it so much! It is sooo cute!

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