Atlas A-Frame Getaway

Minnesota! Home of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota in any season is gorgeous, but even more gorgeous admiring it from a cozy cabin in the winter months. Burrowed on a dead end road on Lake Adney, the Scandinavian Atlas A-Frame rests. The unique space is both architecturally and aesthetically appealing, designed for simple minimalistic vacationing. 
This structure was purchased by two friends September 2019 and remodeled over the winter months. While designing this place, they really wanted to capture the beauty of the outside with astonishing views upon the loft and really through every aspect of the home. The owners really wanted it to be a place of centering and uninterrupted relaxation, hence no television and no WiFi “pretend it’s the 90’s and talk to each other”!
We booked the Atlas A-Frame for the celebration of my friends birthday and doubled it as a couples weekend! We arrived on Friday night. Check in was seamless. The hostesses provided us with things such as pots/pans, tableware and even a few decks of cards! There was also a local visitor guide with their favorite local restaurants, things to do like snowshoeing, skiing, and lake guides!  Disclaimer* Minnesota was under lock down due to COVID-19 so we couldn’t go many places, however this weekend was absolutely amazing without needing to leave the cabin.
We started the night by cooking a delicious meal, played a few card games with some cocktails with music playing in the background. While I love going out with my friends, it felt great to have a simple fun night!
We slept in on Saturday morning and admired the morning views of gorgeous Lake Adney while sipping hot brewed coffee. We eventually transitioned to brunch and bloody mary’s. After brunch, the guys packed up and went ice fishing for the day and the girls stayed back and went for walk, played more card games, and conversed. We enjoyed some much needed girl time catching up on life.
After a successful day of fishing, the guys returned. It was pretty cold on the ice so we warmed them up with chili and cinnamon rolls (our Nebraska native bestie who swears by this combo! It’s a must try) and played a few more games to end the night.
On Sunday morning, we packed up and said our goodbyes. The hostesses of the A-Frame have a leather notebook that they encourage all their guests to sign before they leave, mentioning their occasion, details of their stay, etc. It’s so cool to hear about other’s experiences and vacations!

Overall, we had a wonderful time at the Atlas A-Frame. Everyday life and work really can take its toll; vacationing at this quiet remote location is a great place to disconnect, relax, and recharge. We will certainly be coming back during the warmer months when we can sunbathe on the boat and drink margaritas while the guys catch us dinner on Lake Adney! 

Happy Traveling, Friends!

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