At Home V-Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day has always stressed me out a bit, to be honest! It’s always a ton of people packed into restaurants (not to mention they’re only at 50% capacity this year) and it feels impossible to find a place to get reservations at. There also seems to be this weird pressure to go out on an extravagant date and to shower your significant other with gifts… or is that just me?! 
For the last two or three years, Andy and I have made a nice dinner together, watched a movie, and waited until 8 or 9 to go out and get dessert at a local restaurant. This has seemed to work great for us because all of the large crowds of people have come & gone which gives us fast service and a quieter atmosphere. This might be a different story if you happen to live in a bigger town with a more active nightlife at restaurants, or if you live in a smaller town that only has a bar… or 3. 
 I wanted to share 3 at-home Valentine’s Day date ideas that any couple can do. These will be easy to pull together & you can still make the night feel like something different than your usual night together. These date night ideas include a meal you can cook together and a fun activity to go with them and can be mixed and matched to fit you and your significant other so keep reading to find your perfect at-home V-day date!


Date One: Fancy Dinner & a Movie

For a dinner idea, I have one word: PINTEREST! Everyone knows by now Pinterest is the easiest way to find new recipes to try. I love trying new recipes I find and it’s a great resource to find recipes for every cooking level! Last year, Andy and I tried this steak and creamy garlic shrimp recipe that I found on Pinterest. We paired it with mashed potatoes and asparagus. It only took about 45 minutes to get everything made and it was a fancier meal than we usually make for dinner which made it feel more special. After our dinner last year instead of going out for dessert, we had some cookies and fancy cupcakes that I bought from a local business! They were Valentine’s Day themed which I thought was so fun. Here are a few photos from last year:

Thankfully nowadays, renting a movie is so convenient! Andy and I use Amazon Prime Video a ton and they have a broad selection. Otherwise, Netflix or Hulu can suffice. Just find a movie that sounds good to both of you (It doesn’t have to be a mushy one!) Otherwise, flip a coin to choose one.

Date Two: Charcuterie Board/Wine Night & Game 

Ever since Morgan introduced me to charcuterie boards, I have been OBSESSED. They are so simple to put together, but something about them feels so fancy! Throw in a few different types of meat (salami or turkey are perfect!), a soft cheese, a hard cheese, some crackers or bread, and maybe a fancy pesto or other spread that sounds good, and voila! Pair with your wine of choice (mine is anything sweet, whereas Morgan isn’t afraid of a little cabernet). This is a fun step up from your typical meat and cheese tray and is perfect for grazing on all night! Here are some boards Morgan & I threw together:

While any game would be great for the two of you to play, I came across a card game called THE { } AND awhile back and I think it would be a great Valentine’s Day activity. It’s basically a deck of cards that has deeper questions that might not come up in your everyday conversations. There are different packs you can buy based on what point in your relationship you’re at (they also have a friendship pack), and the questions range from risque to humorous which will be sure to keep your night interesting! Maybe even more so after a glass of wine or two. If you can’t quite get this game in time, you can search the internet to find similar questions that you could write on slips of paper and throw in a bowl to choose out of!

Date Three: Beer/Pizza Pairing & Painting

Okay, while trying to come up with ideas for at-home dates I came across this pin that was different pizza and beer pairings. I thought this would be easy to make by getting a roll of refrigerated pizza dough and making different topping sections so after it’s done, part of the pizza could be pepperoni, part of it could be supreme, etc. For the beer, either pick up a few domestic beers at a liquor store OR to support local businesses it would be fun to choose a few from a brewery near you!

*****Blog post that I got this idea from!
*****Blog post that I got this idea from! 
The last activity that I thought could be fun to do together is a canvas painting! Either follow along with an online how-to video, pick something to paint and have your significant other guess what it is, or paint each other! This one is simple, just pick up a few supplies and do whatever you think would be the most fun.
At the end of the day, this “holiday” is to celebrate your love- or was it just made up by candy companies?! ;) But for real- take the time to make your significant other feel special! And if you don’t have a significant other, get together with your friends and make it a day to celebrate your friendship! Hopefully, this post gives you ways to show your appreciation & celebrate your relationships without breaking the bank and in the comfort of your own home. If you decide to use any of these V-day date ideas, feel free to let us know how it goes & share your pictures with us @shopashaspen !
Have a great V-day Cuties :-) -Amber 

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