Amber's Skin Journey Part 2

This week on the blog, I wanted to share my experience with micro needling. If you missed the blog last week where I talked about the beginning of my skin journey, you can find it here. Once the ladies at Well & Co and I felt like we had finally gotten a hold on my acne, I decided that I wanted to do something about the scarring. This definitely was not a necessary step, but I personally felt it would help me boost my confidence even more. Again, we decided to try three microneedling sessions to get the best results!
My first session again I went in not really knowing what to expect. At this point I trusted these women with my life. They had already transformed my skin with chemical peels and I was feeling nervous and excited for this new treatment. I decided to do microneedling with PRP. This meant at the start of my appointments, they would draw my blood. Then, they have a process that enables them to separate the platelet rich plasma (PRP) from the blood. You can get microneedling without PRP, but as they explained to me it would be more effective with the PRP because it contains proteins that helps skin tissue repair itself more efficiently. 
While they are separating that PRP, you get to relax and enjoy a beverage (They even have alcoholic drinks to really take the edge off ;)) The process took about 20 minutes! While I was waiting, Kia came in and put a numbing cream on my face. I’m not sure if every place you go to does this but I found it super helpful! It wasn’t the worst pain I’ve felt and it was bearable but uncomfortable. It is the worst on your forehead, but luckily she started with my forehead and it only got better from there. After the numbing agent kicks in, they got to work with the microneedling. She had a syringe of my PRP and put a small amount on one area of my face and micro needled after that. Micro needling is done by using a tool that has multiple needles in it that creates small micro punctures in your skin which really allows the PRP to penetrate further. After the whole process, they give you a small bag with after care products which includes a syringe of your PRP that you put on your skin morning and night to further the healing process. 
Don’t plan on doing anything after you have microneedling done as your face will be pretty red and bloody. You can’t wash it for about 4 hours I believe so you just sit with it like that! The redness is mostly gone the next day and your skin will feel like it’s been scratched up a little but it was never painful for me afterwards. Again, these sessions are 4 weeks apart with an appointment to check in with you and do a quick microdermabrasion session. 
Here is my skin immediately after my appointment:
Here is my skin about 4 hours after my appointment & washing it (Just some redness):
Here is before and after two microneedling sessions:
And here is my skin now (with makeup) vs. a photo from it at my worst:
You might have caught that I said we decided on three sessions and I only covered two sessions worth of results. Well, as you might have seen on our Instagram earlier this week, I had a little surprise and I am pregnant!! They told me it would probably still be okay to do a round of microneedling while pregnant because it was just using the PRP from my own body, but it was hard to know how my skin would react this time. Because of that, I decided against doing it a third time. I think I will after I’m not pregnant anymore but I still can’t believe how far my skin has come! I am definitely still working on it and am presented with new challenges as my body and hormones change but knowing I have the best guidance possible makes me feel really optimistic about where it is headed. I love that I get this fun relaxing girl time that I look forward to every time I book an appointment. Again, I know that I am very fortunate to be able to make these choices to improve my skin care and that it has been a huge investment but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself!! 
Feel free to DM us or drop a comment below if you have any questions on the process or what I’ve been doing since. I think that even though it’s a very vulnerable thing to discuss, it’s important to connect with others that are going through the same thing because we have the tendency to push people away when we are going through something like this! 
Xoxo- Amber

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