5 Ways to Style Cropped Denim

I just recently hopped on the cropped denim bandwagon after getting this black pair of jeans from Morgan. She paid $8 for them at Goodwill and they were originally bootcut regular length jeans which I wasn't a fan of so I cut them to be cropped. I was a little hesitant of this trend at first but since they're less of a crazy flared bottom, I think they're not as intimidating to style. I'm especially loving these for the warmer temps we have been having here in MN (and by warm, I mean 40s lol). You get just enough leg exposure to feel comfortable and I think they look just a little bit more elevated than regular length jeans.
Here are 5 ways I would style cropped denim with A+A tops!
Our Camo Crush Sweater is such a fun take on camo print. The colors are so different and springy which makes this a great seasonal transition piece. I think this is something I'd wear on a Saturday morning coffee date because the fun print mixed with a dressier pair of mules and these cropped pants make me look put together and hide the fact that I probably rolled out of bed 10 minutes prior. 
Accessories to add: Silver jewelry would really pop with this top. Layered necklaces and big statement earrings are always an easy go to! 
Our Laguna Top is the perfect example of an elevated t-shirt. It's a thicker material and a fun blue/green color that can be dressed up with heels like I styled, or it can be worn with sneakers for a more casual look which makes it a versatile piece to own! This top is a great way to show the range of outfits that can be thrown together with cropped denim and accessories can be added to dress this up even more depending on your place of work.
Accessories to add: Add a blazer, throw your hair up in a bun, & style some chunky earrings with this outfit to make it even dressier!
Throw on & go! Our Fern Bodysuit is a great no hassle piece! No layering needed here. This outfit is the perfect example of how to look stylish while getting your sh*t done, pair your cropped denim with some sneakers & get out the door. 
Accessories to add: Since there's no patterns in this top, a statement hair piece would be a fun way to spice up this outfit. I just bought this Two Lions scrunchie and it's SO good. Our obsession with leopard print is very much still alive & well!
Another sneak peek at our Wild One Tank that is launching tomorrow morning! A great way to bring cropped denim into the warmer summer months is to pair with a tank & some heels like I did here. Wearing heels instead of sandals really dresses this look up and it reminds me of the days we could have dinner on a patio. Hopefully those days are just around the corner!
Accessories to add: I would throw on gold accent jewelry and a cardigan or denim jacket for when the night starts to cool off!
The Zeus Graphic Tee always makes me feel like a bad a**. l love it in a regular fit & worn oversized. I paired this outfit with a turtleneck under for added warmth. The washed out faded look of my cropped denim gives me 90s vibes and I love the dark moody feel of this outfit. This is a great sassy outfit to let lose at a girls night out. 
Accessories to add: Add a chunky chain necklace to give this outfit more dimension & finish your look off with a braided hairstyle annnnd maybe a glass of beer or two??
Have I convinced you to get a pair yet?! This is just a few ways to show how cropped denim can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Comment below and let us know what your favorite style combo was!

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