4 Ways to style the Sunday Best Sweater

 If you haven't noticed thus far, almost a full year into this business (side note: BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION DETAILS TO BE RELEASED SOON!!), we are allllllllllll about versatile pieces.  We want to take any item of ours and style it multiple ways, not only for some inspiration but we understand not every lifestyle is the same! For example, some people wear scrubs for their everyday for their career and want pieces in their closet that can be used for comfort yet has the potential to be dressed up! We chose the name for this sweater for obvious reasons. Who doesn't love a sweater with some personality, that can be worn both leisurely as well as out to date night. Grab your favorite sangria and tag along for some serious sweater inspo!
For the first look, we really wanted to highlight that this can be worn with leggings and your favorite comfy shoes. I love that this sweater is long enough to cover my butt. My go-to shoes all summer and fall have been none other than our Disco Slides (now on sale!). If I'm feeling more close toed shoes, I'll opt for a trusty pair of white sneakers, or if I want some more warmth, a pair of boots or Doc Martens would be a really great swap! I just paired this with leggings and simple accessories such as our Don't Get it Twisted Claw Clip, Clipped Hoops, and After Hours Sunnies.
For second look, I wanted to transform the sweater into something unique! With the open back of the sweater, you can take both ends and tie them up creating a bat wing armed sweater that is cinched in the waist creating shape and sass. I paired it with my favorite cow print heels and some denim to make a date night outfit! I added a belt for both contrast and accessories and the mercy hat was just begging to be worn with this outfit! 
Thirdly - I wanted to kick the 'casual' first outfit up just a notch. I paired the Sunday Best sweater with some leather leggings and some heels as well as our Sara Parker Purse in black as well as our Fifth & Ninth Sunnies   in tortoise for a flare. I also used our Don't Get it Twisted Claw Clip as well as our brand new Geometrix Earrings for some additional sass. I think out of all of them, that is my fav look! If you're on the market for some leather leggings, we've got the perfect pair launching soon!
Lastly - I wanted to spice things up for work! I paired the Sunday Best with my favorite bright red pants and front tucked the sweater, and threw on a blazer.  Ya know when you put an outfit together in your head and it doesn't work when you put it on?? Well, this was the opposite. I really wasn't sure how it was going to work with three solid colors, but with each individual texture, it worked out great. I paired mine with some fun mules and earrings and VIOLA! This outfit is FIRE.
How would you wear your Sunday Best Sweater? Which look is your fav? Let us know below!
A few announcements: our October is FILLED with pop-up's! We are at Thumper Pond in Ottertail this Sunday (details linked here) and next Saturday we are at Rolling Forks Vineyard, more details to come! We have a huge birthday announcement coming soon.... any ideas? :) 

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