2021 Nail Trends

I think we can all agree that 2020 took a hit on our number of salon visits in general. Between grown out hair and cancelling our much needed pedi- we’ve had to suffice and paint our nails at home or wear hats to cover our roots! 2020 literally made us go back to our roots. 
As we are easing back into “normal” we are seeing a huge shift into lower maintenance lifestyles. In general, we are noticing more shorter, natural length nails. See here why people are making the switch to short nails. Here are the shapes, colors, and styles we are seeing everywhere! 

Minimalistic Abstract Nails 

We're seeing lots of neutral simple nails with a spin. These minimalistic abstract nails are nothing short of perfection from our friend Jelly in Minneapolis! 

Unique French Manicures

We've spent lots of 2020 perfecting the French manicure. While a traditional French manicure is losing steam, we are looking forward to these unique French manicures! This style is a great way to add a flair of personality without committing to a bigger design. 

Negative Space Nails

Negative space nails are really hot right now and we can totally see why. These nails are a great way to make your manicures last longer than other nail art looks. They buy you a little more time between salon visits or manicures at home!

Velvet Nails

Velvet nails will be gorgeous all year round but especially around the holiday seasons! They are the perfect blend of glitter and metallic. When the light is positioned perfectly on the nail it resembles velvet. HEART EYES!

Neutral Nails

Neutrals will always have our heart. Whether you have a 5 finger ombre or just a monochromatic look, they are timeless and chic.

Indie Nails

According to Pinterest, the search for “indie nails” went up over 21% this winter. Indie nails are a new approach of painting each nail. One finger may have cow print while the other has swirls or a checkerboard.  Our inspiration Bre Sheppard started a trend called #boycottboringnails and we are so for it!
If we’re being completely honest, we’re not mourning 2020. I am so obsessed with these trends and I feel that your nails are such a reflection of your personality and personal style! I went with a negative space nail art this week.
Nothing makes me feel like more of a bad b*tch than walking out of the salon looking and feeling fresh! We’re looking for a fresh start in 2021 and we're  starting with a fresh mani! 
Drop a comment below and let us know which trend you are loving!

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